About the Instructor

Sujatha received her Masters in Computer Science from MS University in India. She worked as a Lecturer in Computer Science department and taught college students before moving to the United States ten years ago.

Sujatha was drawn to Kumon method of education after seeing success using the method on her own children. Sujatha choose to educate children through the Kumon program before starting her own center at Mansfield. Sujatha is committed to building a strong foundation in education for all children of Mansfield.

Kumon Instructors are trained and certified through a comprehensive system which ensures that they offer the best in Kumon instruction to each student. Homework and classwork are carefully assessed for speed and accuracy to maintain the right level of challenge and to ensure that mastery is attained as each new skill is introduced. Kumon Instructors work very closely with each individual student and his or her family to create the best study plan possible for the student, whether the need is for remedial help or for advanced study.

Kumon Instructors regard themselves more as mentors or coaches than teachers in the traditional sense. Their principal role is to provide the direction, support and encouragement that will guide the student towards performing at 100% of his or her potential.

Students who grow with Kumon may find their relationship to their Kumon Instructor to be among the most rewarding and productive of their academic careers.

All Kumon Instructors share a passion for education and an earnest desire to help children succeed. They will invariably apply these along with their talent and training in the Kumon Method to make the most constructive contribution possible to your child's future.