Early learners


  • What is Kumon Early Learners Program?
    Kumon ELP is a program for preschoolers and kindergärtner designed to instill a desire to learn and to help prepare them for their first academic challenges in math and reading. Children work closely with a Kumon Assistant at the Center, and with a parent at home. Our individualized and interactive method gives Kumon ELP students a leg up to become avid learners and successful students.
  • What is my role in Kumon ELP?
    Children attend the Center twice a week and your work with them at home is a key component of the program. This includes reading to and counting with your child daily, as well as using the additional Kumon tools provided. Remember to be positive and persevere, even when your child appears to have forgotten all that was previously learned. Make a point of providing feedback about his or her daily progress to your child's Instructor on a regular basis.
  • When should my child start Kumon ELP?
    Children as young as three years old attend Kumon ELP, but students are typically four and five years of age. The best time to start depends upon the individual child. A Kumon Instructor will help you make that assessment.



There are three ways to get started:

  1. Visit our Center
  2. Contact us
  3. Visit Kumon.com if you don't already have a child enrolled at Kumon. We'll direct you to a Centre near you.

Our Instructors will be happy to speak with you in detail about Kumon ELP and your child. Students may enroll any time of year, even summer.