Enrollment Procedure

  1. Upon arriving at our center at the scheduled time, a free student assessment will be conducted under no obligation for enrollment.

  2. While student is being assessed, we have a special power-point presentation for parents. Please note, an assessment on one subject takes up to 30 minutes, which is about the same amount of time for the presentation for parents. However, an assessment for two subjects takes up to an hour.

  3. There will be an instructor-parent discussion after the presentation and assessment.

  4. Remember, there is no obligation to enroll. However, if parents wish to enroll their child, enrollment can be done on the same day or any other day within 14 days after the assessment. Enrollment done over the 14 days period will subject to a new assessment.


Upon registration, parents are to fill out 3 forms: Application Form, Commitment Form, and Pre-authorized Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) Form.

  • Application Form – A standard registration form to obtain students and parents’ complete information
  • Commitment Form – Kumon is not a quick fix program, but rather a long-term learning program. Therefore, we expect parents to be committed to help their child in his/her learning progress. This form is an agreement of commitment from parents.
  • Pre-authorized EFT Form – to enable automatic monthly withdrawals of the tuition fees from your bank account.
    Note: bring a VOID check with you on the enrollment day.


Due Upon Enrollment

  1. One time registration fee of $50, one time materials fee of $25 and first month's tuition.
  2. Please bring a VOID check to set up an Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) for your child’s tuition fees.

Program Options


Student Enrollment Packages

____ Early Learner Reading

____ Early Learner Math

____ Kumon Reading

____ Kumon Math


Enrollment Fee

One Program

Two Programs

Onetime Registration*    

$ 50

$ 50

Onetime Material fee

$ 25

$ 25




First Month



Monthly Tuition



            Registration fee does not apply for transfer students