Dear Parents,

Kumon of Mansfield is entering into the third year of operations on October 2nd, 2012. Thanks to all of you for the continued support. We are humbled by your trust on us and strive to meet your expectation every day. We are encouraged by our student progress over the past two years and cherish every moment when a student passes achievement test at Kumon or excels in the timed test in their classroom.

At this time, we want to remind you of the cosmic club points, the Kumon loyalty program. All Kumon students are automatically enrolled in the cosmic club and accumulate points based on their length of stay. Please visit and enter the student id to check your points and to redeem prizes for your loyalty to Kumon. Student Id is on the top of the score card sheet that comes with the student homework packet.

We are very excited to introduce a limited third day option from November 5th Monday, for the Math students who are on levels G and above. The center will be open on Mondays between 5:00 and 6:30, for one and half hour. One or two center days a week is still the sufficient face to face time required to succeed at Kumon. We strongly urge and recommend all the G+ students to adjust your calendar activities to choose Mondays instead of Tuesdays for Kumon Center visit. The third day option is strictly for Math G+ students only.

For multiple reasons we are introducing the third day option. Quality of instruction has always been our paramount focus at Kumon of Mansfield. With a day dedicated to Math G+ students, we get to spend exclusive time with them and can help accelerate their goal to achieve program completion. Third day will also benefit the students on regular Tuesdays by reducing the overall strength at the Center and by increasing the effectiveness of instruction. In addition, restricted hours with targeted set of students on Mondays will help us keep the operating costs low and continue to deliver you the best service in a cost effective manner. We sincerely hope all the Math G+ students will take advantage of this opportunity and benefit from it.

“If you are not erring, you are not trying!” has been the Kumon approach to basic education. It is a compass to sustain lifelong learning. To that edict, at Kumon of Mansfield we try our best to serve you. As always, we welcome your continuous feedback to serve you better.

We thank all parents and students for your time, effort and commitment to Kumon of Mansfield. Let’s march forward together to achieve lasting success in every Kumon of Mansfield student life. Thank you.



October 2, 2012