Kumon early learners program prepares preschoolers and kindergartners for a life of learning.

It helps them discover the joy of learning. It nurtures the skills needed to learn math and reading. It builds a strong foundation for academic success.

It's a great first step to becoming a capable, confident and eager learner.

Just imagine where that will take your child.


Learning the letters of the alphabet, their shapes and sounds

Connecting the spoken and written word

Listening attentively to stories and books read aloud

Building vocabulary

Acquiring basic phonics

Learning numbers

Writing numbers

Recognizing patterns of dots

Counting numbers beyond 220

Understanding basic addition


The ABC's of Kumon Early Learners program

Kumon is a fully Interactive program. A trained Kumon Assistant works closely and patiently with Kumon students, providing attention, positive reinforcement, and instruction at each session. Consistent and positive interaction at the Center and at home is crucial at this stage of learning.
The Kumon curriculum is individualized for each student. Reading aloud to children, counting with them, and using tools like worksheets, flashcards, books, alphabet and number boards form the basis of the Kumon curriculum. Each child progresses through these materials at his or her own pace.
Kumon introduces children to basic skills required to learn math and reading. It takes time and repetition to develop these pre-reading and numeracy skills. At this input stage of learning, students may not be able to demonstrate to you what they know upon command. Parents should be patient and understanding.


Kumon Early Learners Program Fosters

  • A desire and motivation to learn
  • Acquisition of pre-literacy and numeracy skills
  • Comfort in a learning environment
  • Preparedness for school
  • A positive attitude towards learning
  • Confidence and self-esteem


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