"If parents pass enthusiasm along to their children, they will leave them an estate of incalculable value...."
- Thomas Alva Edison

There are three basic expectations from all Kumon parents.

ü  Understand the Kumon method of learning. In addition to mastery of subjects (accuracy), students are evaluated for faster completion (speed) of work. Millions of students have benefited from the system. Students learn academic skills, self study skills and test taking skills when working with our Kumon learning center.

ü  Commit to child’s educational growth. Kumon is a long term program with multiple levels of study. Allow students to comfortably move up to higher levels. Kumon method is an individualized learning plan. Rushing the students through higher levels of study will make it difficult and uncomfortable for the students and thus reduce their interest in learning.

ü  Engage in daily Kumon work. Kumon does not work hands off. Serious involvement from parents is expected to measure the accuracy of student worksheets and to record the time they take to complete the home work. Talk to the instructors as often as you can to understand the student progress.

Recommendation for parents

·  Please make sure students start afresh for the Kumon class and have enough time to go to the next class. Avoid rushing the students from a Kumon class to go to another class such as soccer. Tired students take longer time to complete worksheets.

·  Each center session will vary in length according to the time it takes to complete the day’s assignments, so parents are encouraged to wait at the center for their children to finish. If you must leave, please arrive back at the center promptly.

·  Stick to the Kumon method of learning for continuous improvement of the child.

·  Parents are encouraged to schedule an appointment for the placement tests.

·  If you know you will need to pick up additional work, please inform us in advance. Work cannot be prepared for absences during class hours.