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Corrections/Home grading

The active supervision of daily assignments at home is linked to each child's success in the KUMON program.

It is crucial that parents provide a 10-15 minute block of time per subject for the completion and correction of daily KUMON assignments.

It is the job of the parents to insure that assignments are timed, that errors are marked, and that mistakes are corrected by the student before beginning new work.

All parents are expected to homegrade their child's KUMON homework.  Students whose parents' homegrade make faster, smoother progress through the KUMON program because:

  • your child corrects their mistakes daily, thus learning from their mistakes and making fewer mistakes overall
  • your child repeats less
  • your child is more motivated because you are involved
  • you are more motivated because you know exactly what your child is doing

A basic tenet of the KUMON Method is that students learn from their mistakes.  KUMON students are required to correct every mistake on every set they complete.  Students whose parents do not homegrade spend a great deal of time in class correcting mistakes from old homework before they can begin the days' classwork.  This often leads to an extended stay at the center.  Students are also required to correct all mistakes on their daily classwork, as well.

We provide Answer Books and a handy Parents Guide to Homegrading to help you get started if you are not already homegrading.