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Student Incentives

As strict as we are about homework completion (please see section on "Incomplete Homework"), we are equally committed to rewarding students for their dedication and effort.

Students are awarded stickers at each class if all of their homework has been completed.  When students earn either 3 stickers, they are given a ticket with which they can "buy" a prize from our prize box.

There are some students who are not motivated by the "1 ticket" prizes.  Students are able to save 10 of the 1 prize tickets and choose from the prizes that we award when a student passes an Achievement test

Through their effort and self-discipline, our students are able to earn tangible and frequent rewards for their hard work.  We also give stickers for "pop-quizzes", which are oral math and/or reading drills done before a student checks out at each class.

Students do not get a sticker if their work is incomplete or undone.