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What if I miss a class?

Everyone misses a class sooner or later.  We either forget, or traffic is bad, or a practice ran late.

If you know that your child will not be able to make it to class, please call us so that we can arrange for you to pick up their classwork and homework during class.  With advance notice, we can put their work in the kiosk for you to pick up at your convenience.

If a student misses a regularly-scheduled class without contacting us in advance, the work for that class is forfeited and will be reassigned for the next class.  Work missed due to an unexcused absence cannot be "made up".

Completed and corrected assignments are used to develop and modify each student's individualized lesson plan.  For this reason, new assignments will not be given after the 2nd subsequent unexcused absence until the previously assigned work is returned.

Please be sure to notify us at least one class session in advance of any extended vacation in order to give us ample time to plan and organize for your child's absence. Thanks!