Tips to improve your Kumon experience


The first six months of Kumon are considered crucial. This initial period lays the foundation for success in later levels. Initially, students feel “Kumon is easy.” This easy work enables them to complete many worksheets within a relatively short period of time. This, in turn, increases their speed and accuracy considerably and allows them to take pride in their ability to complete Kumon work - even though most are still working below grade level at this stage.

Taking pride in one’s ability is only the first of many Kumon benefits. When students eventually catch up to grade level and then go beyond, they begin to enjoy a series of other advantages that stretch far beyond simply succeeding in school academic work.

Motivation - The Power of 100%

Scoring a 100% is an integral part of Kumon. It builds confidence and helps motivate students. This works with younger and older students alike.

A sixth grade student, for example, diagnosed at Level C feels as much success from his/her error-free work as a pre-school student in 5A does after being awarded a 100% for tracing correctly. Children of all ages feel proud of their good work!


A good concentration span rarely just “happens” – it takes time and patience to shape. Beginning students with materials on which they caneasily concentrate, will ensure not only that they make good progress, but also they sharpen their skills of concentration. It is very important that students begin with ‘just right level of difficulty’ and ‘just right amount of daily work’. From there, they work at an individual pace; gradually increasing the amount of time they spend studying during one sitting.

Good Study Habits

The daily work that students receive in Kumon is designed not only to assist them in Math or Reading but also in developing better study habits. In order to achieve this, a student must establish a routine and a long-term commitment.

Parents can assist students by adopting the following policies:

A Kumon time – a set time for Kumon work at home

A Kumon place –comfortable desk or table at home where few distractions occur

A Kumon pace –comfortable amount everyday

A Kumon spirit – a positive attitude

The above four points are some guidelines to help ensure success. Ideally, Kumon should be an enjoyable experience. It is designed to rid students of the anxiety they often face at school.