The Kumon Method

The Kumon Method differs from tutoring in how Kumon facilitates self-acquisition of the skills and study habits needed to improve academic performance. This empowers children to succeed on their own, giving them a sense of accomplishment that fosters future achievement.

The Kumon Method was created 50 years ago in Japan by Toru Kumon, a teacher and parent who wanted to help his son do better in school. His belief that every child possesses untapped abilities and the potential to excel remains central to our philosophy.

In short, there’s nothing a child can’t do.

With centers in 43 countries, Kumon has helped more students succeed worldwide than any other after-school program.

The Kumon Method Fosters:

  • A mastery of the basics
  • Improved concentration and study habits
  • Increased self-discipline and self-confidence
  • A proficiency in material at every level
  • Performance to each student’s full potential
  • A sense of accomplishment


The Kumon Method is all about:

1. Success from the start
Students begin at a comfortable starting point with work that can be easily completed. This way they master the basics and gain complete proficiency with each successive step

2. Advancing step by step
Each new assignment is slightly more challenging than the last. The progression is so gradual that students are able to acquire the skills to advance independently.

3. Speed + Accuracy = Mastery
Material should be completed with a perfect score within a prescribed period of time. All work is graded and the results recorded to determine when your child has a total command of the material and is ready to move on.

4. Practice Makes Perfect

Though most children attend the center twice a week, worksheets are assigned daily and repeated until mastered. That’s how the Kumon Method ensures optimal comprehension and retention of concepts, establishing the strongest possible foundation for more advanced material.

5. Realizing each child's potential
Every student advances at a comfortable pace dictated only by individual ability and initiative. The first priority of the Kumon Instructor is to enable each child to perform and progress to his or her full potential.